As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I care deeply about helping my clients reach their goals by identifying strengths, discovering possibilities, and finding balance in their lives. The journey to healing and wholeness requires a safe place to process the difficulties in life, and by walking together, we create that safety so that the client may regain a sense of fullness in their life, enrich their relationships, and find their unique purpose and meaning in life.

I work with couples, families, and individuals dealing with relational issues, past experiences, life transitions, communication, sexual issues, stress, grief, depression and anxiety that threaten to overwhelm us and bring distress to our most important relationships.  Marriage or couple counseling utilizes my training in Discernment Counseling and the Gottman Institute.  I also work with those who have been affected by abuse and addictions as they find healing and wholeness.

Pre-marital sessions are available for couples to identify their expectations and need, unearth challenges, and appreciate their differences. Therapy involves a process. A safe and supportive environment is essential to achieve wholeness, health, and healing. I would be honored to walk with you as you work toward your goals.

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