As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I seek to offer an experience of open dialogue to my clients because I truly believe that safe human connection is the single most powerful agent of healing in the world. I believe that there is a growing need for open dialogue in the world and I believe that as openness between people grows, the need for professional therapists will diminish. That is a world I want to live in.

I grew up in Lancaster County and I spent years working in construction and the trades before even beginning to pursue professional training as a therapist. I received my BS in Counseling Psychology from Liberty University and my MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Evangelical Seminary in Myerstown, PA.

Though I have experience with a range of concerns such as anger, anxiety and depression, I have particular experience working with the following:

  • Sexual addiction and compulsion.
  • Spiritual doubts and questions.
  • Religious and spiritual abuse trauma.
  • Integrating challenging or traumatizing psychedelic experiences.

I seek to take a collaborative and insight-directed approach in my dialogue with clients so that I can work together with them to explore and gain clarity amid obstacles and traumas that are hard to talk about anywhere else. Hopefully, as we work together, it becomes easier to talk openly about life’s struggles in other safe contexts as well because as important as therapy can be, real and lasting healing is practiced between sessions.