My passion is people. I believe we each have unique and important stories filled with intrinsic value and authenticity; strengths and resources; as well as hardship, conflict and loss. At times, life becomes overwhelming and unbalanced, keeping us stuck and unfulfilled. Therapy can be considered like a journey. Together, we navigate through the difficult terrain and troublesome areas of life, while illuminating hidden treasures and worth along the way that may have gone unnoticed over time. It is a process of discovering those enriching stories, guiding you to a more balanced, preferred and satisfying approach to life.

Within my work, I utilize highly researched and proven methods when meeting with individuals (16 years old and up) and couples, who may be struggling with low self-esteem, coping skills, stress and anxiety, life transitions, communication and relationship issues. I enjoy walking alongside premarital couples (whether engaged or soon to be) who are looking to prepare, grow and equip themselves in the next step of their relationship.

My gentle and compassionate spirit affirms, respects and celebrates one’s narrative. I strive to be and create a safe place for people, and I am committed in journeying with you towards healing, growth and relational wholeness

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