Jolienne Guthridge 

Masters Level Intern

I am a Marriage and Family Intern finishing my masters degree at Kairos University. My heart for counseling started in a season where I needed it desperately for myself and came to realize how important and helpful therapy can be in navigating life’s challenges.

Everyone has a story. For better or worse, our life story informs our view of ourselves and others. We need healthy connection and care to unravel personal or relational difficulties that may be inhibiting personal growth and relational wholeness.

With an immense amount of experience sitting on the other side of therapy, I know the importance of providing a safe environment for couples, families an individuals where transparency can lead to transformation and growth.

Life is a blend of success and failure, joy and sorrow. We all want a life of joy and success. However, it is often in the vulnerable places of failure and the face of sorrow that we begin to heal, grow and understand ourselves more fully. This understanding allows us to become present with and kind toward ourselves. As a result, we can reshape patterns of engagement in our marriages and families.

Welcome to the journey!