Juliano Nunes

Masters Level Intern

“If I were to ask, “Who are you?” how would you respond? More importantly, “Who could you become?” The voyage of self-discovery often proves to be a bewildering journey because the intricacies of our existence surpass our grasp. As Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, a clinical psychologist and esteemed professor at Harvard and the University of Toronto, aptly elucidates, “You are not only something that is. You are something that is becoming.” Therefore, the essence of who you are intertwines with the infinite possibilities of who you could become, making the pursuit of self-knowledge both challenging and profound.

 A key component of highly effective therapy lies in its extraordinary potential to spark a transformative voyage of self-discovery. Within this process, adept therapists take on the roles of guides and co-creators, embarking on a collaborative expedition of exploration and healing alongside their clients. Exceptional therapists are fully engaged in the client’s narrative, empowering them to develop a profound understanding of themselves and the richness of life that envelops them.

 As a therapist, one of my foremost objectives is to empower clients (individuals, couples, and families) to adeptly explore their inner strengths and foster their social and emotional well-being. Central to accomplishing this goal is the cultivation of profound self-awareness regarding one’s emotions and the emotions of those who play a significant role in one’s life.

 My journey includes a decade of legal practice as an attorney in Brazil and two years as a Legal Assistant in the United States. Furthermore, my experience as an Officer in the Brazilian Army Reserve instilled in me the core values of loyalty, duty, respect, honor, and unwavering integrity. These principles continue to guide my steadfast commitment to positively impact individuals and communities.

 Are you ever curious about the most enigmatic subject of all — yourself? Do you ever wonder if your eyes can truly perceive the hidden richness within your soul and the world surrounding you? Regardless, rest assured that although exploring the wonders of the self is a captivating journey, it also requires openness, honesty, forbearance, and courage.

 Are you willing to embark on this extraordinary adventure, a quest that promises self-discovery and a more profound connection to your world? If you’re eager to do so, now is the moment to venture into the unexplored terrain of your very being and begin this exciting journey.”