“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver poses a question that I think we all seek to answer. What is our purpose in this life? How do we become the person that we want to be? One of the biggest ways that we make meaning in our lives is through relationships; whether it be relationships with our families, friends, partners and most importantly with ourselves.

As a therapist, my desire is for people to live their lives with meaning and connection. My work with clients draws from their strengths to overcome the obstacles they face in pursuing connection with others and themselves. I believe everybody makes sense in their own context, and I enjoy the work of learning what that looks like for each individual. I cater my approach to helping people understand themselves; empowering them to live authentic and whole lives.

My own therapeutic journey has helped heal and cultivate meaning in my life and I am privileged to take part in this work with my clients.

I work with children, teens, young adults, couples and families in working through both personal and relational challenges. This can include but is not limited to adjusting to life transitions, working through conflict, dealing with the effects of depression and anxiety, strengthening relational skills and cultivating a healthy sense of self.

I am a master’s level intern and I appreciate the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

From a young age I was passionate about helping others; through my education and experience I have focused this passion into the work of therapy. I find nothing more fulfilling than being present with others as we do the deep work of therapy. My compassion for others makes walking alongside people in their struggles a natural life calling.

I value my relationships with my loved ones. Nothing brings me more joy than getting to share life with them. At home you can often find me going on walks, reading, baking or decorating my home. My husband and I enjoy cooking, catching up on our latest shows and visiting our six nephews!