Meet Halle Neff

Meet Halle Neff

I have been practicing at Lifepoint for a little over a year now, but I have been in the field since 2015. I’ve been married for almost three years to a man I met when we were both nine years old (…we grew up four minutes away from one another and graduated from the same, small school). My husband and I are completely different—and our personalities even prove it: ISFJ and ENTP—yet, we totally relate to the belief that “opposites attract.” Together, we seek to embrace our differences, creating a marriage where we can use our unique traits to strengthen and better one another. Being opposite has its challenges, but we both find it is more fun and rewarding than anything else—he is my best friend!

Apart from hanging out with my husband, I enjoy reading, cooking, eating what I cook and even collecting cookbooks (…too much?), running, watching reruns of The Office, lounging at the beach and spending quality time with family and friends. My family has always been close–**literally**, they were my neighbors! At one point, one set of my grandparents even moved in with us. This close proximity has been a consistent resource for me, especially when I was 15 years old and my dad suddenly passed away. During that time, I believe that the care and support I experienced from family and others, gifted me the ability to find strength and hope when walking through disappointment and hardship.

After graduating high school, I went to Messiah College and was quickly drawn to their Human Development and Family Science program. Leading up to that point, I knew that I always enjoyed being with people, but this program intrigued me to further recognize the significance of intrapersonal dynamics and relational restoration. The education I received influenced my desire to pursue a career in the social services field, helping others in their journey to experience a more balanced and satisfying approach to life.

Though Lancaster County has been my home base, it has not limited me from exploring the world. During my time at college, I also took advantage of their study abroad program and traveled to Kaikoura, New Zealand. Some of my other favorite places I traveled to have been Cinque Terre, Italy, Heidelberg, Germany and Tanzania, Africa. I believe that these varied experiences around the globe have molded me into the person I am today, deepening my love of creation, fostering my independence and strengthening my passion for people.

Upon graduating from Messiah College, I decided to take a gap year to pursue job and graduate degree opportunities, which then led me to Evangelical Seminary’s Marriage and Family Therapy program. It was there where everything “clicked” for me, bringing together my personal life experiences and the desire I have towards helping people. Therapy enables me to use my past experiences as a life-giving resource to those who may be struggling with suffering and unfulfillment. As a therapist, I am gentle and compassionate and seek to provide empathy through my words, behavior and presence. Meeting and walking alongside clients is a privilege because I believe each person and relationship hold insurmountable worth and value, and once noticed and tapped into, their narrative becomes enriched with possibility, empowerment and wholeness