Meet Jayne

Meet Jayne
Hi, I’m Jayne!
I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with Lifepoint Counseling Services. Being a therapist feels less like a job and more of an extension of who I am.
Relationships, to me, are one of the most important aspects of life that bring us both connection and meaning. I find that to be true in my own life as well as my work.
I treasure the important relationships in my life and enjoy spending my free time with friends, family and loved ones, including those with fur and four legs! It’s not uncommon to find me at a local coffee shop or restaurant catching up with friends.
My journey through life and the challenges it has brought me through, have taught me the importance of understanding and harnessing our internal strengths and values. I was blessed with challenges to help me find these within myself and I am honored to be able to help my clients find those within themselves as well.
One of my strengths is being creative. I enjoy anything that allows me to flex my creative muscle, particularly designing and sewing clothing, blankets, bags, and more! It’s exciting and challenging to bring my ideas to life in a practical and useful way.
When I’m not in my sewing room I love to leave my phone at home and get outside in nature. I love to camp, fish, hike, explore or even just get outside to walk my dog.
If you can’t find me in either of those two places, then I am either at the gym or in the kitchen. I love to cook, mostly because I love to eat. I truly believe food is a gift and meant to be enjoyed. Life’s short, it’s should be savored and appreciated! Because I love food so much, I have also learned to love working out. I have been weight training for over 10 years, and it is one of the best ways I’ve found to help me stay healthy both physically and mentally.
A huge part of who I am and a part of me that I’ve learned to harness and appreciate is my love of meaning. I love deep and meaningful conversations. I love to explore ideas and concepts in a deep way. I love to connect to people in meaningful ways. I love to see and look for all the wonderful, small moments and interactions in life. The smallest things can bring vast amounts of joy!
In my work as a therapist I strive to help my clients find joy in both their lives and who they are. I believe people have an incredible capacity to overcome, to grow, and to create a beautiful world for themselves. I am honored and humbled to be able to walk alongside people as they embark on difficult journeys, reflections and seasons to find change and happiness in their lives.