WE BELIEVE…..blue sky reflection

  • People are generally doing the best they can, so if they are not experiencing satisfaction with their lives, it is wisdom, not weakness, to seek counsel to enrich their lives and relationships!
  • We are created for relationships and when we struggle in those areas in the present, or from our past, we often experience personal and relational hardships.
  • Systemic Therapy: an approach that honors the past and present relational systems that have developed and sustained the individual, couple, or family. This approach is most honoring to clients and their relationships.
  • For any type of counseling or therapy to be effective, there has to be an alliance between counselor and counselee as they work together toward common goals.
  • Healing is a process, a journey, and there is no one path for everyone to follow. The journey of therapy should be mapped out by both the experiences of the client, and the therapist, in ways to bring personal, relational growth and restoration.
  • While any change is difficult for both those walking through it and those in relationships with them, it is important to know when to take some time to rest along the way, and when to celebrate the transformations that the journey brings!